Georgia's Ruling Party Candidates Winning In All 17 Runoffs - CEC Preliminary Results

TBILISI (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 22nd November, 2020) The candidates representing Georgia's ruling political party, the Georgia Dream (GD), are winning in all 17 runoffs in the second round of parliamentary elections on Saturday, the preliminary results posted on the Central Electoral Commission's (CEC) website showed.

According to CEC, all the GD candidates received over 87 percent of votes. Almost 90 percent of ballots have been counted.

Georgia's electoral system envisions electing 120 lawmakers out of 150 via a proportional representation and the remaining 30 via a majority system. The first round of the elections, held on October 31, saw GD winning 48.22 percent of the vote and securing victory in 13 Constituencies. Opposition parties have refused to take up their parliamentary mandates and claim that the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) had falsified the results. Since then, opposition supporters have held several rallies calling for a repeat election and the resignation of CEC head Tamar Zhvania.

Earlier in the day, the CEC's acting spokeswoman, Natia Ioseliani, said that there were no "significant violations" on the election day.