Nigerian Security Forces Pursuing Gunmen After Killings In Northwestern Kaduna State

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 17th November, 2020) Nigerian security forces are pursuing armed suspects responsible for multiple deaths in Nigeria's northwestern state of Kaduna, Samuel Aruwan, the commissioner for the regional ministry of internal security and home affairs, announced on Tuesday.

A group of gunmen on Monday assaulted the village of Albasu in the Kaduna state, murdering 11 people and injuring four others. Prior to the killings, another attack was carried out on Sunday night at the settlement of Maraban Kajuru in the same state, where gunmen kidnapped two people and killed one person.

"The development follows today's bandit attack at Albasu village of Igabi and Sunday night attack at Maraban Kajuru in the two councils. Security agencies have notified the government that they are pursuing bandits in the area, and will provide further updates," Aruwan said in a statement on Twitter.

Kaduna is one of Nigeria's states that regularly witness regular attacks by hoodlums and armed robbers.