US Government Confirms Afghan Forces Killed Senior Al Qaeda Official Al-Masri

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 27th October, 2020) The US National Security Council (NSC) confirmed in a statement that the Afghan security forces recently killed senior al Qaeda (banned in Russia) official Abu Muhsin al-Masri during an operation in Afghanistan.

"We commend the Afghan forces for their successful operation against al Qaeda senior leader Abu Muhsin al-Masri. His removal is welcome news in the fight against al Qaeda and denying it a safe haven in Afghanistan," the NSC said via Twitter on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, media reported a US official confirmed that al-Masri died and that US forces provided support to the Afghan-led operation in the Ghazni province.

Al-Masri is believed to have been the al Qaeda terror group's second-in-command.