Divorced-mother Of One Raped For 25 Days In Pind Dadan Khan


Divorced-mother of one raped for 25 days in Pind Dadan Khan

The accused systematically raped the 22-year old in the guise of marriage as everything including groom, Nikah (Marriage), Nikah Khawan (marriage registrar), marriage bureau and the witnesses all were faked in Pind Dadan Khan.

Pind Dadan Khan: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Sept 21st, 2020) After shocking incident of Motorway-gang rape, another horrific of incident of systematic rape took place in Pind Dadan Khan in which a 22-year old mother was continuous raped for 25 days.

Ironically, the act went completely unnoticed and the victim family was running from pillar to post to get justice.

The victim was identified as Somia Iqbal, the resident of Pind Dadan Khan.

According to Online News Agency, Fazl Sabir, a resident of Chontra, committed rape with Somia Iqbal in the guise of marriage as everything including “Nikah” (marriage), “Nikah Khawan” (marriage registrar) and the witnesses were fake. The nikah was also not registered with any Union Council concerned.

Somia Iqbal, the victim, was divorcee and the mother of child-girl whose parents thought the marriage proposal from a nearby marriage bureau appropriate for her life, and decided to got her married. The parents were told that the man was settled in UAE and was doing business there and was reasonable proposal for their divorced-daughter’s marriage.

“We got Somia married with Fazl Sabir through a marriage bureau when we were told that the proposed man was well-settled and doing business in Dubai,” said the victim family, adding that Nikah was solemnized in August in the presence of Ghazala bibi—the woman who runs the bureau.

“The accused took our daughter to his place and raped her for 25 days and then left her on a road without telling her anything and fled away,” said the family.

They said that they were told by the relatives of the accused that he had divorced Somia Iqbal and had flown to the UAE.

The victim woman herself contacted the relatives of Fazl Sabir and the marriage bureau to know about Fazl Sabir and she was told that “Everything was fake including Nikah and the witnesses,”.

Later, the victim approached Naseerabad police station to lodge FIR against the accused and her family. Police registered the case, raided at the houses of the accused to arrest him but the police was told that the accused was in Pakistan on two-month leave and had flown back to Dubai after contracting “fake marriage”.

Online News Agency reported that Naseerabad Police was contacted for comment on which Inspector Zafarullah said that Ghazala, the woman who ran marriage bureau, and all other characters including Fazl Sabir were fake.

“We are investigating the case. Ghazala, the owner of the marriage bureau, and her family to reach the conclusion,” said the Inspector, adding that all possible efforts would be made to get justice to Somia Iqbal, the victim.

The news agency claimed that Fazl Sabir’s cell no. 00971-547745999 was out of reach.

Fida Hussnain

Fida Hussnain is a lahore based journalist. He writes on politics, religion, social issues and climate change. He is also a research fellow at University of Gujrat.