Zakharova Urges Germany To Select Speaker Responsible For Commenting On Navalny Case

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 08th September, 2020) Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on Germany to identify a responsible speaker who would comment on the situation with Russian blogger Alexey Navalny.

"It seems to me that now the German side has real reasons for publishing comments. ... I would like to read real data every day. What could be simpler. ... Choose one doctor, head of a clinic, laboratory, chemist, biologist one person who will become a speaker on this issue, who will go out to the public every day and tell what is happening, what data, formulas are there," Zakharova told YouTube channel Soloviev Live, adding that the same speaker should be appointed from law enforcement.

It is "strange" to tell about this to the Western community, which has been engaged in public relations for many years and understands this, she noted.

Zakharova explained that there is no single source of information from the German side on the situation with "poisoning" of Navalny.

"On the one hand, they declare that the examinations are still ongoing and will be continued. On the other hand, the verdict is already here. How could it be? There are a lot of such questions. One thing is clear it all revolves in the political sphere. ... Look how many, how they are pulling various speakers of various agencies. That is, there is no single 'window,' if I may say so, to obtain official information. These are some doctors, then these are laboratories, then this is a family, then this is a foreign policy department, then this is the government, then these are others political figures," she said.

She noted that Germany must provide data on Moscow's request for Navalny.

"A whole series of practical questions that we asked. First, what kind of data is this? After all, we are not talking about poetry, we are not talking about intuition, not about some kind of creative inspiration. We are talking about specific formulas and formulations. So where are these formulas and formulations? Name, give an expert opinion, just show it," Zakharova said.