RPT: REVIEW - Republicans Hammer Biden On Foreign Policy, Trump Reaches Out To Minorities At RNC Night 2

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 26th August, 2020) US President Donald Trump reached out to minority groups and promoted legal immigration while Joe Biden was blasted for his pro-war record during the second night of the Republican National Convention (RNC).

The Republicans opened the second night of their 4-day semi-virtual convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday. Trump, who was nominated as the party's presidential nominee on Monday, will deliver his acceptance speech from the White House on Thursday.

US Senator Rand Paul praised Trump's foreign policy, warning that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden could push the United States into a new war. However, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Eric Trump would later applaud some of the president's own militant policies.

"I fear Biden will choose war again. He supported the war in Serbia, Syria, Libya," Paul said in livestreamed comments on Tuesday. "Joe Biden will continue to spill our blood and treasure. President Trump will bring our heroes home."

The senator said Biden also supported the war in Iraq, which Trump called the biggest geopolitical mistake in a generation. He also said Trump will end the war in Afghanistan and reallocate billions of Dollars to rebuild America.

Trump's son Eric, however, applauded his father for assassinating Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani.

Pompeo in his previously recorded RNC speech said Trump made the world safer by exiting the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty to allowing the United States to build missiles to deter Russia.

Pompeo also said Trump has held Beijing accountable for the "China virus." And like Eric Trump, Pompeo also hailed the US president's decision to take out Soleimani.

Pompeo delivered his remarks in a pre-rerecorded speech from Jerusalem. This move caused criticism because his speech occurred while on official diplomatic business, which the Biden campaign and Democratic lawmakers have said may be in violation of US law and the State Department's policy that prohibits Senate-approved officials from participating in political conventions.

Trump and Melania Trump also used the RNC to reach out to immigrants and minority groups in the United States, denouncing racial injustice and promoting legal immigration.

Moreover, Melania Trump even said intentionally avoided speaking about the Democratic Party during her speech because she wanted to avoid causing division in the country.

Acting US Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf conducted a live naturalization ceremony for five immigrants at the White House. The newly naturalized citizens were from Bolivia, Lebanon, India, Sudan, and Ghana.

Trump, who was present for the ceremony, emphasized that they "followed the rules" to earn citizenship.

Navajo Nation Vice President Myron Lizer endorsed Trump, praising the US president for the $8 billion given to Native American tribes as part of the CARES Act to cope with COVID-19. He also said Trump has taken action to improve public safety for tribes. The Navajo Nation is the largest Native American reservation in the United States.

Trump during a livestream signed a pardon for convicted burglar Jon Ponder, a Black man involved with a prison reintegration program. Ponder had served more than five years for several robberies.

White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow emphasized Trump's economic plans prior to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) were strong. He added that the administration's efforts and bipartisanship in Congress have helped revive the American economy.

Kudlow said the administration is planning payroll tax cuts, income tax cuts and regulatory relief for businesses.

The First Lady closed the evening by calling on families and lawmakers to take action to fight addiction. She also expressed sympathy for those who have suffered through the pandemic.

Before the program began Trump continued to suggest that mail-in ballots could lead to widespread fraud. He has repeatedly said the Democrats could "steal" millions of votes through fraudulent ballots that are mailed in as opposed to cast in person.

"80 Million Unsolicited Ballots are impossible for election centers to tabulate accurately. The Democrats know this better than anyone else. The fraud and abuse will be an embarrassment to our Country. Hopefully the Courts will stop this scam!" Trump said in a tweet.

Vice President Mike Pence will headline the third night of the RNC on Wednesday before it closes with Trump's White House speech.

Last week, the Democratic Party officially nominated Biden as the party's presidential nominee during a largely virtual convention nominally held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.