UAE Press: In Adversity It Is Incumbent To Share The Grief

UAE Press: In adversity it is incumbent to share the grief

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 06th Aug, 2020) A UAE newspaper has said that in times of adversity it is incumbent upon brother nations and, indeed, the whole world to share the grief and the burden of the loss.

"What happened in Beirut is a disaster of huge proportions and constitutes one of the largest explosions recorded in human history," said Khaleej Times in an editorial on Thursday.

The Dubai-based daily continued, "In the aftermath there will be much heart-searching and even recriminations that this massive stockpile of ammonium nitrate was left unattended in such a sensitive place as the docks. But for now it is incumbent on everyone to display solidarity and offer tangible solace as the death toll escalates to more than 135 and the injured figure crosses 5,000.

"The shock wave has not yet dissipated and with the ringing in the ears it literally is difficult to wrap our heads around the enormity of the explosion. It was loud enough to be heard 240km away in Nicosia."

The UAE was instant in its expression of togetherness and reflected the sense of agony in the emotionally drenched words of Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, who said: "Our hearts are with Beirut and its people".

"The UAE also dispatched emergency medical assistance to Lebanon," added the editorial comment.

The tribute is echoed by every person in the Emirates and was posted alongside an image of Dubai's Burj Khalifa illuminated in the colours of the Lebanese flag.

"Our prayers during these difficult hours are that God...protects brotherly Lebanon and the Lebanese to reduce their affliction and heal their wounds," the message ended on a note of deep and abiding sadness.