Seemi Raheel Says “humour” Is Dead In Pakistan


Seemi Raheel says “humour” is dead in Pakistan

The actress who devoted her entire life to art says humour is confused by vulgarity and vile language.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-July 13th, 2020) Popular tv artist Seemi Raheel said that humour was dead in their country now.

Seemi said that humour is confused by vulgarity and vile language but the reality was different. She expressed these views during an interview to a news organization here on Monday.

“I believe that humour is dead in our country now,” said Seemi Raheel, pointing out that it was mixed up and confused with vulgarity and vile language and the reality was that it was not like that.

She also emphasized over greater need for social commentary at this point in time than ever, pointing out that people had personal perspectives about everything and everybody knows everything. She also quoted Alice in Wonderland who had said: “ If you don’t know where you’re going, any road would do,”. She stated that one must comment on social attitudes to remind people where they were going.

Seemi Raheel said that humourists are people of another breed.

“Humourists belong to another breed,” said the actress, asking a question that whether this generation read Oscar Wilde or P.G Wodehouse.

To another question that who was her favorite, she replied that Shoaib Hashmi and Anwar Maqsood were great inspirations to her.

“I regard both Shoaib Hashmi and Anwar Maqsood as great satirists and genuine humourists,” she added.

She devoted her entire life to art and drama and was still motivated.

“I’m story teller, we all are storytellers and we all have many stories from the beginning of our lives to where we are today and I have one,” said the actress.

“I am on a new idea but unfortunately nobody is listening to it right now,” said Simi, adding that she could share this idea if some corporate partner came on board.

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