US Senator Suggests Buying Russian S-400 Air Defense Systems From Turkey

WASHINGTON (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 30th June, 2020) US Republican Senator John Thune suggested resolving the contradictions between the United States and Turkey on the Russian S-400 air defense systems by purchasing these systems from Ankara, according to the text of a proposed amendment to the US defense budget posted on the Congress website.

"Such sums as may be necessary are authorized to be appropriated for the Army for 'Missile Procurement, Army' for the purchase of an S-400 missile defense system," the text says.

"The authority to purchase an S-400 missile defense system... is subject to a certification by the Government of Turkey to the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State that the proceeds of such purchase will not be utilized to purchase or otherwise acquire military apparatus deemed by the United States to be incompatible with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization," it says.