Rameez Raja Agrees With Dr. Yasmin Rashid On Her Remarks About Lahori People


Rameez Raja agrees with Dr. Yasmin Rashid on her remarks about Lahori people

Rameez Raja says results of a recent poll to determine attitude of Lahori people show that they are “Anokhi makhlooq” (different creature).

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 18th, 2020) cricket Commentator and former captain Rameez Raja is agreed with PTI Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid over her remarks about Lahore people.

He expressed gratitude for the people who took part in the poll on attitude of Lahori people.

Taking to Twitter, Rameez Raja said: “A big Thank you to all those who participated in the poll. So the verdict is an overwhelming yes to Dr Yasmin Rashids interpretation of Lahori that they are Anoki Makhlooq I.e magical creature. I agree!,”.

Two days before, Dr. Yasmin Rashid during press briefing on situation arising out of Coronavirus said that Lahore people were not following SOPs to control spread of Coronavirus and they were “Jahil” [Illiterate] people.

Her statement grabbed huge criticism for her on social and traditional media.

Fida Hussnain

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