Local Press: UAE Smart Plans Paid Off During Coronavirus Crisis

Local Press: UAE smart plans paid off during coronavirus crisis

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 02nd Jun, 2020) A UAE newspaper has said that years of planning and implementing smart work models for the 21st Century have paid off for the UAE as the sudden coronavirus outbreak struck the world.

"As countries around the world grappled with the impossible task of handling the overwhelming spread of the virus and its devastating fallouts, administratively, economically and socially, the UAE was in a good position to tackle the crisis because of sound planning that started a decade ago," the Gulf news added in an editorial on Tuesday.

"Eight years ago, the Smart Government initiative was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to enhance the government’s ability to respond to the rapid changes in today’s world and ensure the well-being of all UAE citizens and residents.

"The principle idea behind the pioneering initiative, as described by Sheikh Mohammed when he launched the project in 2013, is the development of a government work model that provides an agile response and sound procedures for the requirements of all aspects of life," it continued.

"The coronavirus crisis shows that the landmark initiative has paid handsomely," the newspaper noted, adding that "The UAE’s response to the pandemic is widely praised as an example of the efficiency of the government - ranging from the outstanding health services provided to all those who live here, to ensuring the availability of food and medicine stock, remote working environment and online schooling."

"The collaboration of the government bodies, made easy by the Smart Government structure, helped greatly in coordinating the necessary response and procedures to deal with infections and containment measures. The government’s ability to deal with the crisis has made the all-important gradual resumption of economic activities and the back to work decision a smoother process.

"Chairing the cabinet’s online session on Sunday, Sheikh Mohammed said the decision of the resumption of those activities is 'a strategic necessity' because life will go on and accomplishing the national achievements will never stop," said the English language daily.

"As we go back to work, the government will continue to deal with the pandemic. Government bodies and firms must ensure the protection of their staff and people need to abide by the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their families safe.

"And while some countries have been affected badly by the pandemic, the UAE has, as Sheikh Mohammed noted, 'been made stronger, better and faster by what we have gone through in the past few months'. The experience of the last three months has not only validated the UAE’s long term plans but also offers a valuable lesson in efficiency and innovation for future governments," the Dubai-based daily concluded.