Sri-Lankan, South African Teams Resume Trainings Amid Fears Of Coronavirus


Sri-Lankan, South African teams resume trainings amid fears of Coronavirus

The players of the both teams are starting trainings sessions in their respective countries for improvement of their game for expected upcoming competitions.

DHAKA: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 1st, 2020) Sri Lanka and South Africa cricket teams would resume trainings to improve their game, the officials concerned said here on Monday.

They said that the players chosen from all formats were resuming training at the local camps, adding that they needed more time for conditioning before going to play the game.

The cricket and all training activities were banned earlier in March amid fears of Coronavirus. However, the players were resuming training despite that there was no vaccine yet for the treatment of Coronavirus.

The latest reports said that 13 players would check into a local hotel for a 12-day residential camp at Colombo Cricket Club.

The training, according to the latest reports, would be supervised by coaching and support staff. During the training sessions, the players would not be allowed to go outside the hotel premises and practice venue in the Lankan city.

The players were directed to follow the guidelines to ensure their safety and protection from novel Coronavirus.

On other hand, India would visit Sri Lanka to play a limited-overs series in July next month. But the Indian authorities said that they would wait until more clarity regarding end of Coronavirus and ease in restrictions.

The South African board also permitted training for its players.

Coronavirus cases are still increasing in different parts of the world and the governments were making efforts from pillar to post to produce vaccine in fight against this menace.

Fida Hussnain

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