Israeli Police Detain 60 People During Undercover Operation Over Arms, Drug Trafficking

TEL AVIV (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 25th May, 2020) An undercover police operation in Israel's Arab community resulted in the detention of 60 people on suspicion of arms and drug trafficking, the police said in a statement on Monday.

The suspects were detained earlier in the day in the Israeli cities of Lod, Ramla, Nazareth, Kfar Qasim, Ashdod and several others.

"An undercover police agent has been working in the Arab sector for over a year. He monitored specific people, including the 60 most active members of criminal groups in the Arab sector," the press service said.

The suspects sold five M-16 and three AK-47 rifles, pistols and ammunition, as well as more than 10 kilograms of cocaine and heroin to undercover law enforcers. All of the weapons and explosive devices were ready for use. The transactions have been documented and will be used as evidence of criminal activity, the police press service added.