Maryam Safdar Named In Panama Papers As Beneficiary: Aljazeera

Maryam Safdar named in Panama Papers as beneficiary: Aljazeera

(Pakistan Point News – 24th Jan, 2017) : A report has been published by Al jazeera in which they claim that Maryam Nawaz as the beneficiary of an off shore company after which all the claims presented by PML N are futile. Report claims that, “Maryam Nawaz Safdar was listed as the beneficiary of Nescoll Limited, and her brother Hussain Nawaz Sharif was listed as the signatory. Owning off-shore companies is not illegal in Pakistan, but the Sharifs are being challenged on the source of the funds. Opposition politicians allege the funds were gained through corrupt practices during Sharif's previous two stints as prime minister in the 1990s. Allegations of corruption against the Sharif family are being heard in Pakistan's Supreme Court.”