Thailand Deports Three KPK Officers On Sexual Assault Charges

Thailand deports three KPK officers on sexual assault charges

THAILAND, (Pakistan Point News – 24th Jan, 2017) : Three officers from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa were deported from Thailand after being charged with alleged sexual assault. According to the report published by Express Tribune, 25 newly inducted officers of K-P Public Prosecution department were sent to Bangkok on a training funded by US, a senior official said. A maid and other females alleged that they were sexually assaulted by the officials in a swimming pool.

They were arrested by the local police in Bangkok and were later deported back to the country. The other members of the batch reached Saturday night but the three were deported two days earlier before their scheduled arrival. These officers were sent on the training course on management of case and their duties as public prosecutors. “They have not only disgraced the province but brought a bad name to the entire country” an official responsible for the oversight of the inquiry said, adding that the actions of such officials could have sabotaged the entire training programme.