Popular Drama Messiah’s Second Season Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


Popular drama Messiah’s second season cancelled due to Coronavirus

A producer shared information about future of the known drama which grabbed 33 million views in a very short of time.

NEWYORK: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 31st, 2020) After only first season, “Messiah”—a very popular drama on Netflix, was cancelled due to Coronavirus here on Tuesday.

A producer shared decision regarding the fate of the popular drama “Messiah”.

Taking to his Instagram account, Michael wrote: “Dearest devoted fans of Messiah,I just want to communicate my thanks to you all for watching the show, and for all the comments you posted about the show and getting the message out there for people to watch. It was such a thrill to read your comments and so satisfying to see your appreciation of the story’s nuances.

Obviously it was devastating news for me personally to hear that the show was cancelled. Clearly the Coronavirus had a big effect on their decision, but it is still difficult to reconcile this with the fact that the show rated 33 million views in its first 28 days. To put that into perspective, that is 12 million views more than The Crown rated for the first 4 weeks of its 3rd season as reported in a BBC news article: "The third season, which stars Olivia Colman as the Queen, was watched in 21 million homes in its first four weeks.” And that number (33 million) would obviously be more by now.

I think you, the fans, all deserve to know just how popular the show really was and I thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart – you all made the show a hit.

Making the show was a very risky, some might say audacious, undertaking that required a lot of faith in the concept to succeed. So I’d like to thank all my collaborators, starting with my truly amazing cast that brought an incredible veracity to their roles – Michelle, Mehdi, Tomer, John, Stefania, Melinda, Sayyid, Wil, Fares, Phillip, Jane, Beau, Dermot, Barbara, Michael, Assad, Rona-Lee, Ori, Makram, Siddiq, Dvir, Poorna, Emily, Nicole and the other 248 speaking parts!! To my incredible writers, my directors and DOP, our production designers, costume, hair and makeup, my editors, composers, sound recordist and designers, to our incredible casting directors and our vis FX people and ALL the crew who worked so hard on the series – THANK YOU.

What makes this doubly sad is that we just finished writing the final episode of the second season scripts last week! I was so pleased and excited by where our second season took our story! There was so much more of the story still to tell! May Messiah live on in your hearts. #SaveMessiah. Sincerely,”.

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