Swiss Gov't Says Too Early To Forecast COVID-19's Dynamic Despite People Abiding By Rules

GENEVA (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 27th March, 2020) Restrictions introduced in Switzerland to contain the spread of the coronavirus infection have been generally observed by the population, but drawing any conclusions on COVID-19's dynamic is premature at this point, Alain Berset, the head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs, said on Friday.

"Only a week has passed since the ban on gathering in large groups was introduced with a fine for violating it. We can sum up the first results. They show that measures are in most cases followed. We can also see that people are aware of and comply with the behavioral rules, which are extremely important for controlling the spread of the virus," Berset said at a briefing in Bern, adding, nevertheless, that "it is too early to draw conclusions."

He said that more than 97,000 tests had been conducted in Switzerland so far, of which some 12 percent were positive. According to the official, 6,000-8,000 tests are conducted in Switzerland every day and 145 out of 100,000 tests come back positive on average.

The COVID-19 tally in Switzerland is currently among the highest in Europe, with 12,161 confirmed cases and 197 fatalities.