Federal Government Decides Chaman Border Closure Due To Corona Virus.

Chaman (Pakistan Point News / Online - 01st March, 2020) The Pakistani government while taking strict safety measures due to corona virus decided the closure of Pak-Afghan Chaman border from Monday. According to the Interior Ministry the Chaman border will be closed for a week due to corona virus starting today 02 March.Whereas different safety measures are taken for the citizens of tribal circles near the Pak-Afghan border, isolation wards has been established in DHQ hospital Parachinar.

It is pertinent to mention the Health Minister of Afghanistan Ferozuddin Feroz, during the fiscal week affirmed the symptoms of corona virus among 3 persons in the province of Herat, after that Pakistan took strict safety measures.The medical screening of people is being conducted by the medical technician team Red Cresent and PPHI at the Babe-e-Dosti crossing at Pak-Afghan border. On the other hand medical check-point is established on Turkham border, the screening of people travelling to and from Afghanistan is in process.The isolation wards are established in Pak-Afghan Friendship Hospital Turkam, as well as the hospitals of Landi Kotal and Jamrud. The hospital staff at Turkham is provided with an ambulance. The staff of Health department and National Health Establishment is inspecting the patients through thermal scans.