Four Wrestlers Will Depart For India Tomorrow For AWC


Four wrestlers will depart for India tomorrow for AWC

Indian Wrestling Federation has also  confirmed arrival of four wrestlers from  Pakistan on Tuesday  but has expressed doubt over participation of Chinese wrestlers in the event which is taking place from Feb 18 to 23.

NEW DEHLI: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Feb 17, 2020) Four wrestlers will arrived in New Dehli tomorrow to take part in Asian Wrestling Championship (AWC), the reports say here on Monday.

Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have issued visas to Pakistani wrestlers for the event that is taking place from Feb 18 to Feb 23.

“It is of course a big relief for us as uncertainty over our participation is over,” said Pakistan Wrestling Federation Operational Manger Farid Ali. “It is very important event for us as we don’t want to miss this opportunity,” he further said.

Pakistan Wrestler will depart from Wahga border to take part in the even after Pulwama attack in February last year.

Abdud Rehmaan (74 kg), Muhammad Bilal (57kg), Zaman Anwar (125 kg) and Tayab Raza (97 kg) will represent Pakistan in the continent’s showpiece wrestling event. Two officials, the sources say, will also accompany the players.

“Our players are going to take part in freestyle category in India and therefore, there is no problem even if they arrive there,” he further said. The men and women players from different countries for all three category including freestyle for men and women and Greco Roman have been arriving in India from last Sunday, he added.

Wrestling Federation of India Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar hs also confirmed arrival of Pakistani players on Feb 18.

However, he said the arrival of Chinese wrestlers is in doubt due to Coronavirus. According to him, Chinese government forwarded a list of 40 members, comprising 30 wrestlers each and 10 in each category for the competition. Besides it, North Korea also decided not to take part in the event because of the virus and similarly Turkmenistan Federation also not taking part in the event because of the virus and security of its players, the reports added.

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