PM Khan Lauds Man For Saving More Than 100 Peoples Lives In Snow-stricken Zhob


PM Khan lauds man for saving more than 100 peoples lives in snow-stricken Zhob

Suleman Khan helped people get fuel from his own pocket and offered them food and shelter at the time of need when they were badly affected by heavy snow in Zhob area of Balochistan.

ISLAMABAD: (Urdu Point/ Pakistan Point News-Jan 18th, 2020) Prime Minister Imran Khan lauded Suleman Khan—a young man who not only rescued several passengers by driving them to safety in his own car but in a gesture of kindness also opened his home to them for food and shelter.

Taking to Twitter, PM Khan said the entire nation war proud of Suleman Khan for showing courage and saving lives of dozens of people stranded in snow.

He wrote: “The whole nation is proud of Suleman Khan who showed great courage and selflessness to help people stranded in the snow,”.

Suleman Khan, a 30-year old man from Kachlak reached the stranded passengers on his sports Utility Vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and helped the people to safety and comfort of his home without any assistance from the authorities.

He also helped people get fuel from paid out of his own pocket to people whose cars had broken down on the road in the severe cold.

"I saw Suleman Khan rescuing more than 100 people out of the snowstorm, including a little girl from a Danish school, who was then safely taken to her area of Khanozai," said Habib Ullah, a driver who was stuck on the road.

Fida Hussnain

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