Third Umpire Mistakenly Gives Azhar Ali Out On 93

Third umpire mistakenly gives Azhar Ali out on 93

MELBOURNE, (Pakistan Point News – 27th Dec, 2016) : Azhar Ali was comically given out by the third umpire during Day 2 of the Melbourne Test between Australia and Pakistan. Azhar was batting at 93, at the non-striker’s end when Shafiq played down the ground and Jackson Bird managed to get a fingertip on the ball as it rolled down and hit the stumps. However, Azhar did manage to put his bat inside the crease before the ball dislodged the bails.

But umpire S Ravi went up to the third umpire to be sure. The replays suggested that Azhar had grounded his bat into the crease quite comfortably. But surprisingly the third umpire flashed an ‘OUT’ decision on the big screen. But the cheers turned into boos when Richard Illingworth, third umpire, realized his mistake and quickly changed his decision and pressed the right button a few seconds later.