Way Being Paved For Enforcement Of Islamic Presidential System In Pakistan: Pir Panjar Predicts

Way being paved for enforcement of Islamic presidential system in Pakistan: Pir Panjar predicts

Spiritual leader Pir Panjar Sarkar has predicted the next six months are very crucial and way is being paved for Islamic presidential system in the country

RAWALPINDI (Pakistan Point News / Online - 02nd January, 2020) Spiritual leader Pir Panjar Sarkar has predicted the next six months are very crucial and way is being paved for Islamic presidential system in the country." the survival of Pakistan lies in Islamic system of life rather than parliamentary system. Unless the killer is hanged publicly and hands of the thief are cut , country cannot make headway on the road to progress. The coming six months are very crucial.

Way is being paved for enforcement of Islamic presidential system in the country. All the politicians will be rendered jobless till four years", he predicted this while talking to pilgrims at Astana Aalia Koh Qaf Sharif.He said " I am feeling as if the importance of Pakistan army and army chief will increase manifold in Islamic presidential system.Hinting at prevailing situation in India he said " I had predicted three years before on Dec 31, 2016 that separatist movements in India will gather momentum on fast track basis and in the third decades of this century, India will be divided into three parts.

Such movements will emerge more forceful than 1947 independence movement in India.He stated the incumbent government cannot be pulled down through dharnas and movements. Imrani government will recover tremendously in 2020 and will go ahead on the road to progress.Predicting about Nawaz Sharif spiritual leader said he will not return to Pakistan in 2020. Maryam will too go to her father. Shahbaz Sharif will fail to control party. PML-N will stand dismembered.

Regarding PPP he said Zardari led PPP will exist no more politically. Bilalwal, Asifa and Bakhtawar are seen to be finding new political shelters. PPP political "Humma" (proverbal bird) is seen to be sitting on the shoulder of Fatima Bhutto.He went on to say world has changed. Pakistan is also going to be changed. 42 families and their accomplices are going to be collapsed and corrupt bureaucrats and political underlings will meet doom's day.

He stated that mid term elections are not seen to be taking place. Local bodies polls will occur. The judiciary will announce historical decisions. Corrupt elements will come into dock.He further predicted India will clash with China before going for war with Pakistan. China will inflict such heavy dent on India that its back bone will be broken. Then India will come under the occupation of Pakistan.He stated Pakistan is jugular vein of China and latter will not allow its jugular vein to be cut.

19th century was meant for Europe, 20th century for US and 21st century will be century of Asia, he said adding the coming 18 years are decisive for Pakistan as the world's decisions will be dictated by yes or No of Pakistan.The clouds for third world war have darkened. The war can begin at any time in the third decade of this century, he said.He held how will be the world like in 2020 and coming times. Missiles are going to lash US, UK, France and Israel .

Russia will launch nuclear missile attack on UK and efface it from the map of the world. It will attack North Korea turning it into desert.The second name of Pakistan is Madina Sani. The rise of islam will start from Pakistan. Pakistan future seems to be lying in the hands of military experts. The river Attock water seems to be turning red. The need for deploying guards on Khyber Pass will increase.Pir Panjar Sarkar stated he had said in July 2017 that Narendar Modi will be murdered. His own men will kill him and its burden will be shifted to Pakistan. India will try to worsen situation on eastern borders of Pakistan under the guise of Modi murder but truth will prevail. Islam will emerge triumphant.