Bollywood Starts Blending In Pakistani Cinemas From Today

Bollywood starts blending in Pakistani Cinemas from today

(Pakistan Point News – 20th December, 2016 ) : Indian movies are back in Pakistani theatres from today. The movies have started being displayed in the Pakistan owned cinemas and the decision has been made by mutual consultation, said the chairman pakistan film exhibitors association Zuraiz Lashari. He also said that the premiere of Freaky Ali, a film by Sohail Khan has been displayed over 100 screens in Pakistani cinemas. According to him, 6 bollywood movies are on the pipeline including two big ones, ‘Raees’ of Shahrukh khan and Maira Khan and Salman Khan’s Dangal. He also told Pakistan Point that the staff terminated from half of the multi plexus located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad has been called back after the decision was made.