Nan Bais On Loot And Plunder Spree In Federal Capital

Nan bais on loot and plunder spree in federal capital

Flouting the orders of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, Nanbais have scaled up the prices of bread and Nan unilaterally in federal capital

ISLAMABAD (Pakistan Point News / Online - 21st November, 2019) Flouting the orders of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, Nanbais have scaled up the prices of bread and Nan unilaterally in Federal capital.Nan Bai Association has issued a rate list of their choice with staggering new prices of Roghni Nan Rs 30, Puratha Rs 30, Potato blended puratha Rs 30, Basin puratha Rs 40, minced meat puratha Rs 120, Chicken puratha Rs 120, Special Kulcha Rs 15, Special roghni Nan Rs 30, special Puratha Rs 40, mutton puratha Rs 150, fish puratha Rs 150, Dall Mash puratha Rs 50, potato pickle puratha Rs 40, Baqir Khani Rs 20, Afghani roti Rs 30, Kashmir roti Rs 10, simple roti Rs 10, simple Nan Rs 12 and Kulcha Rs 15.

Bakiing rate of per roti has been increased from Rs 5 to Rs 8.This state of affairs is highly hazardous as it has led to generate clashes between the citizens and nanbais.The Nanbais have started plundering the citizens by selling roti and Nans at skyrocketing rates with less weight.How ironical it is that the district management has become glum spectator over it. No system of proper measurement is in place at any clay oven for want of any check and balance system.

Owing to low gas pressure in homes in the face of advent of winter season, the demand of Nans and roti has gone up and the Nan bais taking mileage out of this prevailing gas supply situation have set the rates of Nans and roti on their own.Owing to intransigence of Nan bais , roti is not being sold with prescribed weight of 100 gram and Nan 120 gram.These views were expressed by the citizens including Muhammad Aqeel, Muhammad Shakeel, Muhammad Tauqir, Zammurd Khan, Jamil Satti and Tahir Khan during a survey conducted by Online.

"We have brought our own kneaded atta and the Nanbais are charging the rate of roti and roti baking with the difference of only two rupees as they are selling roti at the rate of Rs 10 and are charging roti baking rate Rs 8 per roti. On the other hand roti being sold by them is small in size. If we ask them to enlarge the size of their roti to some more extent they descend on having a clash besides abusing us.Fazal Karim Abbsi, president General Nanbai Association Islamabad told Online that atta bag which was available at the rate of Rs 3000 is now being provided us at the rate of Rs 3600.

The rate of articles which are used in ata, maid and roti nan has been increased two fold. We have increased the salary of our employee deployed on baking rotis from Rs 10000 per month to Rs 14000 per month due to inflation.He said that we have increased rate of roti by Rs 2 only. The weight of roti and Nan has been fixed at 120 gram and if any owner of clay oven sells the roti and Nan in less measurement then he should be challanned and fined. General Nanbai Association will have no objection over it.He held we had supported this government in general election but the government has failed miserably. Pakistan is an agriculture country but tomato is being sold out at the rate of Rs 300 per kilogram. Owing to two fold increase in the prices of essential goods, we have been forced to enhanced the rate of roti and Nan.