Shane Watson Excited For PSL Matches


Shane Watson excited for PSL matches

The former Australian Captain, who will be the part of Gladiators, says he loves to play in Pakistan for his fans.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Nov 16th, 2019) Former Australian Captain Shane Watson has expressed his willingness to play for upcoming 2020 Pakistan Super League, the reports said.

Shane Watson who also took part in 2019 Pakistan Super League will now play all matches of fifth edition in Feburary 2020.
During his previous visit, Shane Watsom enjoyed his game and said that it was the memorable time he spent in Pakistan.

"I'm very excited to come to Pakistan and play for 2020 Super League matches," said Shane Watson, adding that "I know there are lots of my fans waiting for my arrival,".

"I'm just excited to play for my fans," further said.

Answering to a question about PSL matches, Shane Watson said that it was a very challenging series as the bowling standard is very excellent. He also said that it was an excellent experience of playing for the Super league in Quetta last year.

"World class cricketers took part in the game and the small format does not create any burden for the players," said the Australian player, adding that "The team of gladiators is the team of excellent players and it will perform the best.

The PSL matches will be played next year in February in various cities of the country.

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