Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) Scores Big On Human Resource Management

 Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) scores big on human resource management

Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF), an organization working under the P&D Board has scored big on Human Resource Management in a recent survey

LAHORE (Pakistan Point News / Online - 07th October, 2019) Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF), an organization working under the P&D Board has scored big on Human Resource Management in a recent survey.PSDF has been ranked in the top quartile, along with 13 other corporate sector companies, as the Best Company to Work For in 2019. It has also been awarded "Best Place to work with in the Development Sector 2019".The Best Place to Work 2019 survey by Pakistan Soxieyy of Human Resources surveyed a sample of 100 employees from each participating company on 42 statements that are based on the 4 Engagement Clusters of Belonging, Alignment, Growth and Commitment.

The survey was administered through an online web tool with complete confidentiality. There is no jury as automated results are generated through the tool to maintain transparency. This year, 80+ organisations participated in the survey and 55 organisations from 13 different sectors across Pakistan including top multinationals qualified in the final round.The study gauges the top trends in employer expectations, retention and attrition and assesses each company's culture, values, and the level of employee engagement according to the company's objectives and direction to help companies in Pakistan transform themselves into a Best Place to Work.

This is executed by a process of evaluating company's strengths and areas of improvement through benchmarking against other companies; therefore, be recognized for being the Best Place to Work.This year, Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) was nominated to participate in this study, in recognition of the tremendous progress on our employee engagement journey. The study surveyed a sample of 100 random employees of 200 employee's data bank across 42 questions based on 4 engagement clusters; belonging, alignment, growth and commitment rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 5 being Strongly Agree.

The survey maintained its confidentiality and transparency by eliminating the human factor of jury altogether and instead used an automated system by allocating awards to the highest scoring organizations generated by the system.PSDF bagged the top quartile ranking and won the award for The Best Place to Work in development sector and Best Work Life Balance against the rigorous criteria in competition with renowned local and multinational firms.Keeping workplaces safe, secure, motivating and happy is key to people giving their best and we strive to achieve that within our own spaces as well as in all the organisations that P&D supports.