Qazi Faez Isa Highlighted Duty, Responsibility Of Judiciary Within A Democratic System

Qazi Faez Isa highlighted duty, responsibility of judiciary within a democratic system

Supreme Court (SC) judge Qazi Faez Isa on Saturday highlighted the duty and responsibility of the judiciary within a democratic system

Karachi (Pakistan Point News / Online - 21st September, 2019) Supreme Court (SC) judge Qazi Faez Isa on Saturday highlighted the duty and responsibility of the judiciary within a democratic system. He stressed the need for adherence to the democratic principles laid out in the constitution in order to maintain national integrity. "If we continue to follow those principles, our national integrity would remain intact.According to media reports, his remarks came during a lecture at Karachi's Institute of business Administration (IBA) where he was invited to speak on 'Law, Judicial Interventions and Social Change: with a special focus on Labour Law'.

He said that the founding fathers of the nation had also provided the country with a mechanism with which to sustain and protect the independence of Pakistan. Referring to some constitutional clauses, he said the judiciary ensures the basic human rights by implementing those provisions."The foundation of the Constitution of Pakistan rests on three pillars. The first is the parliament which is responsible for legislation. The second is the government or administration which enacts the legislation.

The third is the judiciary which interprets the Constitution and law and ensures that every individual and institution operates from within the scope of their authority," he said."History stands witness to the fact that whenever institutions have crossed the bounds of their authority, not only are the fundamental rights of people violated, the country is weakened and can break apart as well," he said."When the democratic system is weakened within a country and the voice of one man drowns out the voices of others, then the enemy takes advantage of this.

And this is what happened in 1971. Thousands of military soldiers and officers were unable to do anything to save the country from breaking apart. He questioned whether we had learned our lesson from history.Justice Isa noted that ensuring the provision of basic human rights to the citizens of Pakistan was the duty of the superior courts. "If a state body encroaches upon the rights of citizens, the judiciary must intervene."The judiciary makes sure that every state institution works within their constitutional limits.

If a state body oversteps their limit, there is a danger that the country might break-up.The judge added that the enemies of the country could take advantage of a situation in which the voice of one man tramples upon the voices of a nation made up of hundreds of millions of people. He said higher courts need to issue orders in accordance with the Constitution and the law.