Modi Has Turned Iok Into A Gas Chamber For Kashmiris: AJK President

Modi Has Turned Iok Into A Gas Chamber For Kashmiris: AJK President

Asks Un To Shun Double Standards On Kashmir Conflict

ISLAMABAD (Pakistan Point News - 26th August, 2019) Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President, Sardar Masood Khan, has said that the Kashmiri people are thankful to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who through his foolish and imprudent actions has attracted attention of the international community towards the long outstanding Kashmir conflict, and at the same time, united the whole Pakistani and the Kashmiri nation.

"The path Modi's party and its political allies are marching on, will also unite the Muslims and other minorities of India," he added.

While addressing a rally organized by Mari Petroleum Company in collaboration with the civil society here to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people, he said that the Modi regime had surpassed even Nazi Germany in unleashing oppression, barbarity and terrorism against the defenseless people, and had turned the entire held territory into a gas chamber.

He, however, warned the international community that it is appeasing Modi and his fascist doctrine in the same way it appeased the German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party, which ultimately resulted in the deadliest war in recorded history.

The AJK President said that India, with its additional reinforcement of 180,000 troops, has stormed Kashmir and besieged the whole occupied territory for the last 20 days.To hide its atrocities from the international community, it had clamped the worst curfew and a total media blackout, he said adding that the Indian rulers intends to starve the Kashmiri people detained in their own homes and compel them to accept India's unlawful subjugation, but the valiant Kashmiri people would never capitulate.

He warned that the war India has imposed would be led to its end by the Kashmiri people, and they would inflict a humiliating defeat on India.

While referring to Article-370, Sardar Masood Khan said that actually this was a Faustian apct introduced in the Indian constitution to deceive the Kashmiri people, and trap Sheikh Abdullah and other pro-Indian politician against Pakistan. "We are not worried over revocation of this article, but the revocation itself is a deep rooted conspiracy to deprive the Kashmiri people of their rights as state subjects in terms of property and education," he said and added that above all, the action is designed to change the demography of Muslim majority Kashmir state.

Bitterly criticizing the UN Security Council for adopting double standards on Jammu and Kashmir issue, Sardar Masood Khan said that the same Security Council had convened its emergency session overnight and over weekends when it came to other issues like Mali and South Sudan. "What is the reason that the UNSC waited for a formal request from the Pakistani Foreign Minister to resolve even grave crisis of Kashmir and provided an opportunity to India to play with the lives of the Kashmiris living in occupied Kashmir," asked the President AJK.

Referring to Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s first threats to revoke the no first nuclear strike policy and now of only holding bilateral talks on the issue of Azad Kashmir, the President said that any misadventure would be retaliated in a befitting manner and AJK will ultimately become the graveyard for the Indian soldiers.

The rally was also addressed by former AJK Minister Farzana Yaqub, Sikh community leader and civil society activist Dr. Sardar Partap Singh, Bishiop Nadeem Kamran, Shan Shahid and others, while Managing Director Mari Petroleum Company Lt. Gen. (ret) Ashfaq Nadim Ahmed, General Manager (Admn) Brig. Sheharyar Khan, and General Manager Brig. Ghaffar were also present on the occasion.