Abu Dhabi Ports, Mauritius Ports Authority To Boost Sustainability, Security Across Indian Ocean

Abu Dhabi Ports, Mauritius Ports Authority to boost sustainability, security across Indian Ocean

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 01st Jul, 2019) Abu Dhabi Ports and the Mauritius Ports Authority, MPA, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, to pool their combined expertise to enhance the maritime sector across the Indian Ocean, from port infrastructure and security to protecting the environment and driving the cruise industry.

The MoU was signed by Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, and Ramalingum Maistry, Chairman of Mauritius Ports Authority.

Under the MoU, Abu Dhabi Ports and MPA will explore areas of collaboration between the public and private sectors, as well as how to ensure the safety and security of passengers, crew members, vessels and port facilities. The agreement will also see the two ports research the most effective use of tugboats, as well as training initiatives for deck and engine officers.

The two organisations will also work together on the cruise industry sector by helping Port Louis Harbour to position itself in the Indian Ocean Circuit and to tap into potential cruise visitors from the Arabian Peninsula. Additionally, the two parties aim to attract more cruise lines to the region and explore new routes such as UAE - Indian Ocean and Southern and Eastern Africa.

Commenting on the MoU, Al Shamisi said, "We are delighted to partner with the Mauritius Ports Authority to further develop the maritime industry by pooling our combined expertise and experience. Our collaboration plays a pivotal role in accelerating global growth opportunities for both parties. Trade across the Indian Ocean has been a key bridge between East and West throughout history, and Abu Dhabi’s strategic location makes us the ideal partner for organisations in both parts of the world."

In turn, Maistry stated, "Global economic investment in Africa continues to grow reflecting both the increasing business opportunities and strategic location."

"Given the expertise of Abu Dhabi Ports in developing world-class facilities and infrastructure we are confident that this agreement will fulfill our needs and allow us to raise awareness of Mauritius as the preferred maritime gateway for Africa," he added.

For his part, Captain Adil Banihammad, Acting CEO of Safeen, who will act as the main liaison between the two organisations, said, "Our value creation strategy at Safeen is guided by our drive to build win-win partnerships with port operators and their communities overseas. We are confident that our partnership with the MPA will help us build greater synergies and improve efficiency by sharing industry-shaping data, knowledge, and expertise, enhancing the way we do business.’’ The maritime sector is a vital part of Mauritius’ economy, with the country’s principal gateway, Port Louis Harbour, handling 99 percent of external trade. The MPA provides port infrastructure and superstructure and marine services and navigation aid and oversees all port activities and environmental issues.

Abu Dhabi Ports owns, manages and operates 11 ports and terminals in the UAE and abroad, while the Mauritius Ports Authority regulates the port sector in the Republic of Mauritius, including Rodrigues.