Karachi Police Arrested The Son Of MQM’s Leader


Karachi police arrested the son of MQM’s leader

Karachi, (Pakistan Point News – 21st July, 2016) : Police have arrested the MQM’s leader, Abdul Qadir Khanzada’s son and MQM councilor from his house. According to police, they arrested MQM’s leader, Abdul Qadir Khanzada’s son Tahir and MQM councilor Zeeshan Bashir during a raid in Gulistan e Johar area of ​​Karachi. Police raided the homes with two armored vehicles and mobiles. Khanzada’s son Tahir is an officer of seventeenth grade in the Antinarcotics department, while Zeeshan Bashir is a councilor from Gulistan e Johar Noman City.