Syria Warplanes Bombing In The Syrian City Of Idlib, Killing 9 People


Syria warplanes bombing in the Syrian city of Idlib, killing 9 people

Damascus, (Pakistan Point News – 21st July, 2016) : Warplanes bombarded bombs on the Syrian town of Idlib causing 9 casualties and dozens injured. According to the details, human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that people were killed in bombing including a child; at least nine individuals lost their lives in the bombing, according to Human Rights. Bombing planes also damaged nearby buildings Syrian city of Idlib, local people said that the war aircraft of Russian and Syrian government attacked 9 times on Syrian town but no statement concerning the invasion has been given by the Syrian government.

This month the human rights organization, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said seven soldiers and militants were killed in clashes during government forces operation against militants in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. Rebellious activities and tensions in Syria since 2011 have killed more than two hundred thousand people, while the number of Syrian population left their homes; immigrate to other bordering countries and living in refugee camps there.