PM Has To Accept PPP's 4 Demands In Order To Complete His Tenure Of Government


PM has to accept PPP's 4 demands in order to complete his tenure of government

Raheem Yar Khan,(Pakistan Point News – 4th November, 2016) : Chairman PPP Bilawal bhutto was addressing the party members in Jamal Din Wali today. According to the details he showed his determination to establish PPP's rule in all the 4 provinces by working in union. He questioned the audience whether the son of Benzair Bhutto has brought up a revolution in sindh or not? He asked the nation to support him as it is the only way to bring about a great revolution. Addressing the PM, he said that Nawaz Sharif has to accept the 4 demands proposed by PPP in order to sustain his government till 2018 or else elections will be held in 2017.