Unblock The Roads For Us, We Will Hold Peaceful Demonstrations- Says CM KPK Pervaiz Khatak While He Escaped An Accident On Stage


Unblock the roads for us, we will hold peaceful demonstrations- says CM KPK Pervaiz Khatak while he escaped an accident on stage

Swabi,(Pakistan Point News – 31st October, 2016) : Chief minister of KPK Pervaiz Khatak fell down along with some other PTi members as the stage was overturned. according to the details, Pervaiz Khatak was addressing PTI members and the media in the PTI camp office of Swabi when suddenly the stage got upside down fortunately not causing any serious injury. in his briefing, he said that we are going Bani gala to meet Imran Khan.he said that this is the right time to show some courage and bravery.

we will proceed towards Islamabad in a disciplined manner. he also told his members that constitution gives us a right of transportation and political activities. we are peaceful and will not break even a single glass. he questioned whether the act 144 is only applicable to PTI? He said that the court assured us that all the containers will be removed from our way but they are still intact blocking our way, isn't that put a question to the credibility of court orders? i want to have a look over the law which enables a government to block the roads. he said that give us a way and we'll show you how peaceful we are in our demonstrations, or should we break any law, we will let you arrest us immediately. He said that we will contact all regional officers after reaching Islamabad.