QB's Parents Submit An Statement To The Police


QB's parents submit an statement to the police

Multan,(Pakistan Point News - 16th july, 2016) : Azeem, the father of Qandeel Baloch gave his statement to the police. he said that her brother Waseem went to meet her last night and killed his sister by choking her to death. she was living in a rented house in Green town, Multan. according to the parents, Waseem killed Qandeel Baloch in the name of honor.According to the statement given by the father of qandeel baloch, he stated that the brother came from the DG Khan at 8 p.

m. he was sleeping on the roof top of the house along with his wife and a son. At 3, o clock, he went down to the Qandeel's bedroom and killed her. Afterwards, he ran away after stealing the cash and mobile phone of Qandeel. In the morning we got suspicious when she didnt wake up till 10,o clock. When checked, she was found dead in her bed. While the police said that forensic evidences are being gathered from the murder spot. It should be noted that she was going through various scandals these days including the selfie session mufti Abdul Qawi and her husband breaking the news of her marriage on media.she was murdered last night.