'I Want To Join The Jihad', Asher Khan Typed Into Google Translate


'I want to join the jihad', Asher Khan typed into Google Translate

Australia, (Pakistan Point News – 15th July, 2016) : According to US prosecutors, a young American man who has recently moved to Australia, used Google Translate while attempting to establish a contact with recruiters of Arabic-speaking Islamic State, ISIS. Asher Khan, 21, may spend life in prison as he faces terror-related charges by US District Court in Texas in September. Khan purportedly originated a plan to fly to Turkey and cross into Syria to fight for ISIS after moving to Sydney from Houston in 2013.

Prosecutors revealed that court’s authorities have forensically examined Google searches, Skype Chat messaging and other applications on Khan's iPhone and computer. He supposedly typed into Google Translate that he wanted to join the jihad but he lived in Australia. 'How can I come? I don't speak Arabic, only English and urdu (sic).' He is charged including conspiring to provide material support to IS and conspiring to commit murder in a foreign country, with suspected Australian ISIS recruiter Mohamed Zuhbi.

According to the accusations, Zuhbi, 25, who lived in Sydney previously, is operation for ISIS out of Syria and Turkey and provided logistic assistance to Asher Khan with a Turkish mobile number to call once he landed in Turkey. He ostensibly flew from Sydney to Turkey, via Malaysia, on February 24, 2014, while Sixto Ramiro Garcia, 1 of his Texan friend, flew from Houston to Turkey a day prior. The 21-year-old was detained in the US after his family tricked him into returning to Houston with a bogus story about his mother being hospitalized.

Garcia communicated with Khan that Zuhbi had transported him and he had been participating in fighter training camps, but Garcia's mother 'received a message, on December 25, 2014, elucidating that her son had died, telling that he died while fighting. He and Zuhbi are charged with planning to provide material support to an overseas terrorist organization, to commit murder in a foreign country, to provide material assistance to terrorists and to a selected foreign terrorist organization. He has entered 'not at fault petition', while prosecutors said that Zuhbi is assumed to be hiding along the border of Turkey and Syria.

'I want to join the jihad', Asher Khan typed into Google Translate