Uxorious Muhammad Ali To Contest Elections After Rising To Fame On Social Media


Uxorious Muhammad Ali to contest elections after rising to fame on social media

Muhammad Ali's video of wife’s flattery had gone viral on social media

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News – 5th July, 2018) The uxorious man who got famous after his video of flattering his wife on social media has decided to contest elections.

The man has announced to making the area Canada if he is elected.

In his first viral video, the man had flattered his wife and other women, saying that who does not value a woman is always humiliated. He said that everybody can get parents, but they can’t get wives The video had gone viral on social media, leading him to make another video clarifying that there is no alternative to parents.

In the second video, the man said that nobody is as obedient to their parents as me. One can get thousands of wives but can’t get parents.

However, this man is now ready to contest elections.

Muhammad Ali has launched his door-to-door election campaign.

In his recent video, he is asking a person for vote, saying that people should vote him. He will turn this area into Canada and Paris. Muhammad Ali said that he has collected Rs 50,000 to provide facilities to the people.

Addressing the voters, Ali said that I am your brother. “I am contesting elections from your constituency. You have to get me elected. I will solve all of your problems. I will fix the streets and provide employment to the youth,” he added.

However, towards the end of the video, he says that cast a vote to one who is better for Pakistan, not a fake person like me.

Watch the video here:

Mahnoor Sheikh

The writer is News Editor, Pakistan Point. She has graduated in Mass Communication and has worked in various media houses