Strained Situation In Kashmir, Colorful Wedding Events Are Being Cancelled


Strained situation in Kashmir, colorful wedding events are being cancelled

Srinagar, (Pakistan Point News - 13th july, 2016) : The oppression is continued from the Indian militants on innocent Kashmiris and the situation is getting worse day by day. Due to the growing atrocities in Kashmir including the ferocious murder of some of the prominent Kashmiri leaders, all the colorful wedding events that were going to be celebrated in Srinagar have been cancelled. According to the details, all the invitations that were sent to the relatives and friends have been called off the schedule.

In a local newspaper, more than a dozen cancelled wedding invitations have been observed. The hosts apologized to the relatives and peers and said that keeping in view the current strained situation of Kashmir, they are cancelling the wedding events, although the nikkah will be performed with simplicity. It should be noted that Indian forces are still showing inhumane behaviors towards the Kashmiri residents which has resulted in 35 casualties up til now. Moreover, more troops are being deployed by the Indian government in the Indian held Kashmir.