A Newlywed Woman From Lahore Went On Her Honeymoon Alone


A newlywed woman from Lahore went on her honeymoon alone

Lahore, (Pakistan Point News - 12th july, 2016) : When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And that's precisely what a newlywed woman from Lahore Pakistan, Huma Mobin, did on her honeymoon. Huma Mobin and Arslan Sever Butt got married seven months back. Like other recently married couple both wanted to travel together on their honeymoon. But the curse of the green passport wouldn’t let it happen and Arslan’s visa was rejected. When you have a Pakistani passport, you can’t just let wanderlust get the better of you.

The couple had already been to the Maldives for their first honeymoon and had a second honeymoon cum family trip to Greece all planned out when tragedy hit. Huma decided to go and was accompanied by her in-laws. And then she decided to really have fun and the result was enormously amusing She said “Naturally, I cried my eyes out in my mother-in-law’s lap the first night. She missed Arsalan a lot too, he’s the life of the party usually but then she was like ‘beta, dekho, aaye hai toh paisay halal karlo bus’ so that’s what I tried to do.

” Huma sailed through her journey in which she was trapped without her partner, documenting her every move so Arslan knows just how much she wished he was there. Unfortunate of her situation, She lost her phone too “After our engagement, he left for Budapest and sent me this picture”, she told that how she got the idea of making this album by sharing that picture of Arslan.

A newlywed woman from Lahore went on her honeymoon alone