Imran Khan Never Giving Up On Getting Married

Imran Khan never giving up on getting married

(Pakistan Point News - 11th july, 2016) : Even after two divorces, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said he is thinking about marrying again and is not going to give up on this issue. “It’s not in my blood to give up. But it takes a lot … the idea of marriage is even more open than before. But marrying at 60 is not like marrying at 30,” Imran said during an interview with Hindustan Times on Sunday. The PTI chairman recently divorced his second wife this year and also spoke of his ideology according to which he had always remained faithful to his spouse during his marriage. “I’m very proud to say that while married, I’ve always been faithful. I had told myself I would not indulge in infidelity and I never did. It is the greatest pain a human being can cause to their partner, which is why in all religions it is a sin,” he said.