Pakistan Should Give Stern Reaction To US Maligning Campaign & Terrorist Financing Threat: PEW

Islamabad, (Pakistan Point News - 25th Feb, 2018) : Pakistan Economy Watch expresses its deepest concern over the state of simmering Pak-US relations that has brought Pakistan into a situation where US is seriously trying to malign Pakistan and labeling it as terrorist financing country. "Pakistan should not take it easy and should give a befitting response to US for initiating such move in the Financial Action Task Force-FATF where threat is averted for time being", said Dr.

Murtaza Mughal President Pakistan Economy watch. If succeeded, this move could have enormously adverse effects upon Pakistan's economy which is already under tremendous pressure due to balance of payment, widening budget deficit, slowing down of economy and other management related problems. "Pleading Pakistan a country of terrorist financing, instead of admiring our great sacrifices in the War against terror, is unjustified, immoral and an effort to make Pakistan an escape goat in Afghan debacle", he said.

While admiring the timely effort of foreign minister Khawaja Asif who is already on an official visit to Russia, Dr. Murtaza hailed that despite opposition by Germany, UK and other countries on the behest of the US, friends of Pakistan supported in this cheap move by US. "Though the threat is not totally over, only reverted for time being, but it is high time for Pakistan to revisit its policy of cooperation with the US in war against terror", he said.

Experts in PEW also of the opinion that non complying illogical demands made by the America in Afghanistan is the bone of contention because decade long US strategy has turned out into a total failure in bringing peace in Afghanistan, but Trump administration instead of accepting failure, blaming Pakistan for the debacle. FATF member states have been meeting this week in Paris, on a U.S. motion, backed by Britain, France and Germany, they were to be discussed Putting Pakistan to the "grey list" of countries that are not doing enough to comply with terrorist-funding regulations, but motion was put off after opposition of Pro Pakistan China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Three months is enough time to make house in order and finalize new alignments in the ongoing geo strategic scenario of this region, said Dr. Murtaza and further added that "this whole episode seems politically motivated to pressurize Pakistan to bow down before US demands of opening war fronts inside Pakistan that was extinguished after sacrificing over 70,000 lives of civilians and soldiers". Pakistan's track record in dealing with armed militants has been largely hailed and admired by the world community and could not be set aside due to strained Pak-US relations.