Two Muslim Boys Beaten Brutally Outside A Mosque In Brooklyn


Two Muslim boys beaten brutally outside a mosque in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, (Pakistan Point News - 4th july, 2016) : Two teenage Muslim boys were brutally beaten outer areas of a Brooklyn mosque in the early hours Sunday morning after Taraweeh prayers. The episode supposedly happened roughly about 1:18am at the Muslim Community Center of Brooklyn in Sunset Park. According to the director of the mosque, Mohamed Bahe, the aggressor frequently named the Muslim boys ‘terrorists’. Police originally emphasized that they had no documentation of the confrontation; conversely, a representative for the section afterward confirmed the account.

 The representative said, “This incident did happen in the vicinity of a mosque to two individuals of Muslim faith.” He added more, “This is going to be classified as a non-bias incident.”According to Bahe, the two young people were seized by the attacker on their way back to the mosque after getting a bite. Bahe explained more while citing surveillance video from the mosque that the boys saw a doubtful car parked outside of our doorway.

They glanced at the car, trying to check out who’s within. They saw a woman and they asked if she required assistance. Then abruptly a man comes across running from the street and knocked him down and started to beat him badly. He was trudge him and kicking him. Bahe said one of the teenagers, who in the beginning ran away when the attack began, heard the attacker scream, “You f***ing terrorist,” as he hit the other boy. “The other kid tries to come back and the guy punches him too.

” The mosque director said he acknowledged the attacker from surveillance footage as a neighboring; who he said is conscious of the mosque and its church members. Captain Emmanuel Gonzalez of NYPD’s 72nd sector stopover the mosque on Sunday to apologize for not transfer police units to their mosque during Ramazan. He supplementary informed that his department is taking the incident seriously. Bahe said he had frequently inquired the police for supplementary information and safety procedures for the mosque but to no benefit.