Karachi: Oil Tanker Caught Fire At Super Highway, 3 Killed And 4 Injured


Karachi: Oil Tanker caught fire at Super Highway, 3 killed and 4 injured

Karachi, (Pakistan Point News – 7th September, 2016) : An oil tanker caught sudden fire at Super Highway in Karachi early Wednesday morning. According to the details, a sudden fire broke out in the oil tanker which engulfed the tanker completely within a few minutes, setting several other cars in its vicinity ablaze. Police said, a trawler carrying 15 cars crashed into the tanker. The collision set the trawler on fire as well. 3 people were killed and 4 injured in the incident. According to the police, the dead included a man, a woman and a child. Bodies of all three are charred beyond recognition. There is a massive traffic jam due to the accident. Only one fire brigade managed to reach the site but ran out of water shortly. The fire brigade was able to put out fire from some vehicles.