Dragging PPP Thorugh The Mud Cannot Help Shahbaz Sharif, Countered PPP Senator

Dragging PPP thorugh the mud cannot help Shahbaz Sharif, countered PPP senator

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - 4th july, 2016) : Pakistan People’s Party Senator Saeed Ghani countered Shahbaz Sharif's statement on Sunday by saying that the sharif's family corruption cannot be veiled by dragging PPP leadership through the mud .

In a press release issued on Sunday, Senator Saeed Ghani said that behind every great project there is a mega corruption.people continue to suffer from load shedding and inflation. He accused Sharif family of not only corruption charges but also of the Pakistan Awami Tehrik members' massacre in Lahore.“If there was any law in Punjab, then Shahbaz Sharif would have been in prison instead of the Chief Minister’s House,” Senator Saeed Ghani said.