Provincial Minister Ibrahim Murad Unveils Impressive Impact And Accomplishments Report

Provincial Minister Ibrahim Murad unveils impressive impact and accomplishments report

As the Minister of Local Government, Ibrahim Murad streamlined $1 Billion foreign funded development projects

Lahore, (Pakistan Point News - 7th Feb, 2024) As the Minister of Local Government, Ibrahim Murad streamlined $1 Billion foreign funded development projects
-Added Rs 2.2 Billion to provincial exchequer through better auction of 118 cattle markets
-Raised property tax collection by Rs 10 billion
-Launched youth volunteer program with 10000+ registrations
-Laid off of 5000 Ghost LWMC Employees saving Rs 100 Million monthly
-Launched Safai Nisf Iman campaign to dispose 200,000 tons of waste
-Launch of Ap Baldiya Aap Ki 1198 helpline for doorstep service delivery
-Made 1500 postings on merit

As the Minister for Mines Ibrahim Murad ensured
-Rs 2.17 Billion Increase in Non-Tax Revenue
-Launched Roadmap to generate Rs 150 billion revenue
-Initiated exploration of Placer Gold deposits under ADP scheme
-Turned PUNJMIN into a profitable entity with Rs 400 million in profit
-Recovered Rs 4 billion from illegal mine leaseholders
-Issued recovery notices worth Rs 3 billion against PMDC and cement factories
-Launched a Rs 650 million corruption reference against former officials
-Approved a record Rs 1 Billion allocation for welfare of mine workers and their families
-Reduced emergency response time to 4 minutes

As the Transport Minister, Ibrahim Murad launched a revolutionary project of 26,000+ electric vehicles
-Achieved a saving of Rs 600 billion on road maintenance through axle load Implementation
-Initiated a Rs 2.5 billion revenue plan for Orange Line and Metro Bus services
-Completed Rs 2.5 billion project for track works of Rawalpindi and Lahore metro bus service
-Brought transport fares down by 20%
-Endorsed free travel for 2.5 million students on Orange Line Train.
-Recorded highest Orange Line passenger number of 250000
-Revamped B, C, D category bus stations
-Refurbished 200 bus shelters

As the Livestock Minister, he ensured historic registration of 6,567 farms and 1,32,428 animals
-Launched Pakistan’s first-ever Disease Control Center
-Banned smuggling and slaughtering of breeding female animals
-Initiated genetic improvement of 1.1 million non-descript cattle through insemination
-Installed trackers on 256 livestock field vehicles
-Made financing of up to Rs 10 million available to farmers through BoP
-Implemented Rs 167M project on 38000 acres for propagation of high protein fodder
-Launched FMD control program
-Added 7 mobile veterinary labs for disease surveillance
-Declared Bahawalpur as Meat Zone, Sahiwal as Milk Zone to boost exports