America Is Truly A Strategic Partner Of Pakistan. Khawaja Rameez Hasan

America is truly a strategic partner of Pakistan.  Khawaja Rameez Hasan

On the recent Iranian aggression, the United States is the only country that has condemned and expressed deep concern over Iran's attack. Leader of Muslim League

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News - 20 Jan, 2024) Muslim League leader Khawaja Rameez Bayhasan said in a press release that Pakistan is a nuclear power and has full right to defend itself. He said that the recent aggression by Iran was a blow to national security which cannot be forgotten in any way. He said that America is the only state in the world which strongly condemned this Iranian incursion and did not leave Pakistan alone morally and diplomatically.He said that we need to consider the state interests first. It is not good for national interests to get confused in extremism and Sectarianism.