Lion May Hide Again To See Public Passion, Bilawal Sarcastically Targets Nawaz


Lion may hide again to see public passion, Bilawal sarcastically targets Nawaz

The PPP chairman highlights the significant challenges being faced by the nation and expresses his commitment to addressing them.

LIAQATPUR: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Jan 19th, 2024) Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Friday said that “the Lion hardly showed up yesterday, and it is the apprehension that perhaps it may hide again to see the passion of the public,”.

Bilawal was referring to PML-N Supremo Nawaz Sharif’s power show in Hafizabad after his Minar-e-Pakistan rally in Lahore.

The PPP chairman was addressing a gathering in Liaqatpur.

During his speech, he highlighted the significant challenges faced by the nation and expressing his commitment to addressing them.

Bilawal Bhutto reassured the public that the PPP is dedicated to contesting the upcoming elections based on its manifesto. He urged other political parties not to underestimate the concerns of the people.

Bilawal outlined key pledges for the electorate, stating, "I am fighting this election for you. The decision has been made to streamline the government by eliminating 17 ministries and allocating 300 billion rupees for the welfare of the people."

The PPP Chairman emphasized a reorientation of tax utilization, asserting that 15% of taxes, currently benefiting the elite, would be redirected to serve the common populace. He specifically promised free electricity for the underprivileged.

Furthermore, Bilawal Bhutto committed to implementing the 10 points outlined in the party's manifesto if elected. These points include initiating the construction of 200,000 houses for women in Sindh, introducing unique farmer cards, and providing assistance to the youth through a dedicated youth card.

In addressing broader societal issues, Bilawal Bhutto unveiled plans for a hunger eradication program at the Union Council level. He underscored that the competition is against hunger and inflation, not against any particular political group

The Chairman urged the public to mark February 8 as a day to collectively combat thesechallenges.

Abdullah Hussain

Abdullah Hussain is a staff member who writes on politics, human rights, social issues and climate change.