Former PTI Leader Shahzad Akbar Faces ‘acid Attack’ In UK


Former PTI leader Shahzad Akbar faces ‘acid attack’ in UK

The former PM’s aide on accountability says that the assailant disguised himself as a delivery person and was riding on a motorcycle.

LONDON: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 27th, 2023) advisor to ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan on accountability Shahzad Akbar faced an assault at his residence in the United Kingdom on Sunday evening.

A person posing as a delivery worker threw acid on the face of the former PTI leader, who had recently moved to a small village outside London about 1.5 months ago.

Akbar revealed that the assailant disguised himself as a delivery person and was riding a motorcycle.

Taking to X, Shahzad Akbar said, “🚨Last evening I was attacked at my address in England (where I am living in exile with my family) by unknown assailant/s who threw acidic liquid at me. Thankfully my wife and children are safe, however I got some injuries but nothing life-threatening. Police and emergency services arrived instantly and house being protected now. I will not be intimidated nor bow down to those who are doing this,”.

Narrating the sequence of events, Akbar, currently in self-imposed exile in the UK, shared that he was at home with his children on a Sunday when a delivery person wearing a helmet approached. Upon opening the door, the attacker tossed acid from a bottle, causing injuries to one side of Akbar's face and body.

Following the assault, Akbar promptly contacted the police, and law enforcement officers reached his residence within five minutes. Subsequently, he spent approximately 10 to 11 hours in the hospital before being discharged and returning home.

The former accountability chief informed that the area around his residence has been secured by the police, and he is actively cooperating with the ongoing investigation. Additionally, he mentioned that the police recovered the acid bottle, allegedly containing the suspect's fingerprints.

Abdullah Hussain

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