Nawaz Sharif Says He Does Not Tell A Lie


Nawaz Sharif says he does not tell a lie

The PML-N supremo says they saved the country from being default in the past and will save it again.

MURREE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 23rd, 2023) Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Supremo, Nawaz Sharif, took the opportunity during his stay in Murree to address the media on Thursday.

Nawaz Sharif emphasized the importance of truthfulness in public discourse.

The PML-N supremo said, “I do not speak a lie and why should I speak when I have to be answerable at the end,”. He gave these remarks while interacting with the party leaders and workers at Murree during his stay. Maryam Nawaz, the PML-N senior vice-president, was also present there.

While indirectly referring to the current political landscape, Sharif remarked, “You can see the period after our government that the culture has been destroyed." He claimed credit for saving Pakistan from default and bidding farewell to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without borrowing.

Sharif recounted an incident where two Indian prime ministers visited Pakistan, and the US president offered him $5 billion to prevent the May 28 blasts. However, he stated, "My consciousness does not allow me to get that money due to fear of God and for the sake of the country."

Addressing his disqualification, Sharif attributed it to not receiving a salary from his own son, terming it a baseless reason for his removal from office.

Reflecting on the economic situation during his governance, Sharif mentioned, "Dollar was at Rs104 during our previous government, and vegetables and other essentials were available at affordable prices." He expressed regret over the decline of the national economy since the end of his tenure.

Sharif lamented the current hardships faced by individuals earning Rs20,000 to Rs25,000 monthly, urging the audience to contemplate the underlying reasons for the economic challenges.

Accusing those in power of injustice towards Pakistan, Sharif claimed that his imprisonment, along with Maryam Nawaz, was a ploy to facilitate the rise of the current Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

In a reflective tone, Sharif expressed regret over missed opportunities for the country to be listed among developed nations. He concluded by stating, "I say all these things not for the sake of any office. With God’s blessings, I became prime minister of this country three times. I have no greed for any office."

Abdullah Hussain

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