Some Pakistani Bowlers Might Felt Jealous For Taking Wickets During CWC 2023: Shami


Some Pakistani bowlers might felt jealous for taking wickets during CWC 2023: Shami

The Indian bowler also addresses criticism from within Pakistan following outstanding performance in ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/ Pakistan Point News-Nov 22nd, 2023) Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami has addressed recent criticism from within Pakistan following his outstanding performance in the 2023 World Cup.

In a local interview, Shami revealed that some Pakistani players may feel jealous of his achievements due to their rigid mindset, believing they are the best.

Shami stated that during the World Cup, he took 5 wickets in one match, followed by 4 in the next, and then secured 5 wickets in another.

Despite his notable contributions, he believes some Pakistani players criticize him possibly due to their mindset that they are superior. Shami emphasized the importance of backing players who consistently deliver on time, expressing his trust in such performers.

Conflict arises when people claim that the ball he uses is obtained from a different company and is in favor of the International Cricket Council (ICC) against him. Shami shed light on these controversies during an interview with former player Wasim Akram. The discussion focused on the selection and distribution of cricket balls for a match, deciding which team bats or bowls first.

Despite these clarifications, tensions persist. Shami acknowledged that understanding these nuances can be challenging for those who have not played at the international level. He predicted that former players involved in disputes would face mockery when they become embroiled in conflicts.

It is noteworthy that Shami, during the 2023 World Cup, played seven matches, taking an impressive 24 wickets with an average of 10.71. Furthermore, he achieved 5 wickets in a match three times in the same tournament, with a remarkable 7-wicket haul against New Zealand in the semi-final. This accomplishment not only made him the highest wicket-taker in a single World Cup but also earned him the Golden Ball award. Despite his outstanding performance, India faced defeat in the final against Australia.

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