Blast In Tank: At Least Five People Died, 20 Others Injured


Blast in Tank: At least five people died, 20 others injured

The police say that the blast took place near the police van at Tank Ada in Dera Ismail Khan.

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-Nov 3rd, 2023) An explosive incident occurred in the vicinity of Tank Ada in Dera Ismail Khan on Friday, with a police vehicle suspected to be the intended target.

According to local law enforcement, a powerful explosion rocked the area, with indications that the police van was the likely focal point of the blast. Fortunately, as of the time of this report, there have been no casualties confirmed.

Immediate responses were initiated by both the police and a specialized rescue team who arrived at the scene to manage the situation. The affected area has been sealed off to maintain security and conduct a thorough investigation.

Law enforcement officials stated, "A significant explosion was clearly heard," affirming that the incident appeared to be an attempted attack on the police vehicle. They further assured, "We are actively investigating the matter, and those responsible for this incident will be apprehended."

Abdullah Hussain

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